Outbox Teams Up with inContact

Outbox Systems has recently solidified a strategic partnership with inContact, a well-recognized leader in cloud contact center solutions.

Leveraging this partnership, Outbox is able to design, build, and sell a complete enterprise contact management system from the ground up. By integrating inContacts solutions with other CRMs, Outbox can create streamlined systems that manage all of the pertinent company and sales information an organization uses through one data pipeline in real-time. Outboxs cloud integration solutions can now assist contact centers by creating processes that maximize organizational efficiency and significantly increase their ROI.

inContact understands the unique challenges that thousands of contact centers across the country face in the digital age. For this reason, their proprietary technologies and innovative cloud solutions allow organizations to monitor and manage multi-channel communications through one incredibly flexible platform. Customer feedback can be significantly improved by utilizing inContact’s universal cloud queue to create and manage interactions with customers via phone, chat, text, email, or social media.