Otter Integrates Its Speech Engine with Zoom

AISense has deepeneed its commitment to providing artificial intelligence-powered speech technology to Zoom with the integration of its Otter Voice Notes product via the Zoom App Marketplace.

Synchronization with Zoom via the new capability in the App Marketplace enables Otter users to automatically generate Voice Notes, including audio, synchronized transcript, speaker ID, and keywords, for all meetings that are recorded in their Zoom accounts.

"We were always impressed with the accuracy of the speech recognition technology, which has continued to improve," said Eric Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom Video Communications, in a statement. "The results of our collaboration is changing how our customers expect to consume recorded meetings and is something that we will expand on in 2019 and beyond."

Transcripts generated by the Otter speech engine enable navigation of video and meeting content. Otter users can edit transcripts, tag speakers, and share all or part of the voice notes directly with others or via social platforms like Twitter and Slack.

"We are really proud that by working with Zoom our technology is being used to generate the largest ever volume of meeting transcripts," said Sam Liang, CEO of, in a statement. "Our close working relationship made it possible for us to be among the first companies to launch a product in the Zoom App Marketplace, bringing AI to video-conferencing, and serving the needs of the massive and fast-growing number of Zoom users." has also been integrated with calendar and contacts in GSuite, iOS, and Android. Connections to Slack and Twitter enable publishing all or part of Voice Notes in those platforms.