Oracle Adds Social Station to Cloud-based Social Relationship Platform

Oracle has rolled out Social Station, a workspace within Oracle Social Cloud’s Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform that helps organizations socially enable the way they do business by helping users more easily deliver on social objectives.

To help users quickly and easily build out and configure their social workspaces, Social Station provides drag-and-drop capabilities that allow users to personalize their workspace with different social modules. A new custom analytics module can mixes and matches more than 120 metrics with thousands of customizable reporting options, enabling users to customize their view of social data and access constantly refreshed updates that support real-time understanding.

One-click sharing capabilities and annotation functionality within the new custom analytics module also drives productivity by improving sharing and collaboration across teams, departments, and executives. Multi-view layout capabilities further allows visibility into social insights by offering users the flexibility to monitor conversations by network, stream, metric, graph type, date range, and relative time period. Social Station also includes an enhanced calendar module that provides a clear visual representation of content, posts, networks, and views, helping users to easily understand information and toggle between various functions and views.

“Consumers today have high expectations of technology applications’ capabilities and usability, and those expectations don’t stop when they enter their workplaces,” said Meg Bear, group vice president, Oracle Social Cloud, Oracle, in a statement. “We constantly evolve our products to give our customers a competitive edge, and Social Station delivers a dynamic UX that drives productivity and social business results. By making it easier than ever to understand, report, and share social insights across the enterprise, we are enabling our customers to move at the speed of social to align and impact business metrics and strategy.”

To support different user personas and social business needs, Oracle plans to continue building out Social Station with additional modules, including content curation, influencer engagement, and command center creation.

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Posted February 05, 2015