OpinionLab Winter 2015 Release Drills Down Customer Feedback

OpinionLab, a SaaS provider of voice of customer solutions, has unveiled its Winter 2015 release to extend the advantages of effective listening across the enterprise. The release builds on more than a decade of voice of customer innovation to drive smarter, more effective business decisions.

Now, companies can easily make sense of unstructured feedback to better understand their customers; align their organization around real-time customer feedback; continuously listen to customers to diagnose and prioritize actions in real time; and ultimately tailor the omnichannel experience to what customers want and expect.

“Our customers are asking for innovative ways to improve their customer experience,” said Mark Treschl, president and CTO, OpinionLab, in a statement. “OpinionLab’s Winter 2015 release allows companies to more effectively listen to their customers at every brand touch point and deliver a higher quality and more consistent customer experience.”

Architected from the ground up to meet the demands of the omnichannel enterprise, the release blends continuous listening at every touchpoint with features that allow users to optimize the whole customer experience. Now, companies can more quickly and easily make sense of customer feedback comments and associated critical context, and take rapid action to improve the quality and consistency of the customer experience.

Key features include:

  • Comment Themes: With themes, companies can rapidly make sense of large amounts of unstructured customer data, unlocking the full value of real-time feedback. Themes visually group comments by subject matter to identity relevant sentiment clusters and pinpoint what customers are talking about most. Companies can quickly drill down into granular context to diagnose issues and discover opportunities to take immediate action.
  • Comment Mosaic: This innovation helps companies more effectively tell their voice of customer story within their organization, raising organizational awareness and visibility and aligning teams and executives. Comment Mosaic creates a dynamic and motion-driven matrix of segmented feedback snapshots, highlighting sentiment, ratings and comments in real time. 
  • Real-time Peer Benchmarks: To enable action and improvement, benchmarks provides comprehensive and granular peer benchmarking. Companies can instantly compare task-specific performance (e.g., shopping cart or product page) versus aggregate, real-time data from peers to pinpoint moments of perceived success or failure in their customer journey, and prioritize actions.