OpenText Upgrades Customer Communications Management Solution

OpenText, an enterprise information management (EIM) provider, has released the latest version of its customer communications management (CCM) solution, OpenText StreamServe version 5.6.2.

Combining on-demand, interactive and high volume transactional customer communications with its traditional document presentment capabilities, OpenText Customer Communications Management now allows for interactive correspondence throughout a document's lifecycle from authoring to customer engagement.

As the pace, scale and variety of communications channels expand, many businesses continue to operate multiple, disparate communications tools that lead to inefficiency and error. OpenText Customer Communications Management streamlines transactional communications to help organizations exceed customer expectations, reach new markets and provide superior experiences across all channels for a digital-first world experience.

OpenText Customer Communications Management creates a communications layer that links the back-end business systems with the front-end marketing solutions, allowing the monitoring and measuring of communications. The feedback offers companies the ability to both store and use the information to increase the effectiveness of further interactions. Using OpenText Customer Communications Management, organizations can create an adaptive communications process triggered at the point of purchase for email confirmations, SMS notifications, and voicemail alerts that maintains a consistent experience for the customer.

Among the new features of OpenText Customer Communications Management:

  • Cloud enabled communications: Integrates with the OpenText Trading Grid in the OpenText Cloud for communication delivery from anywhere to anyone via the most extensive email, fax and SMS delivery engine, providing both greater performance insight and delivery assurance for critical communications such as outage or emergency notifications, whether high-volume or on-demand.
  • Interactive objects: Drag-and-drop functionality offers creation of dynamic documents. Business users are able to embed interactive elements such as radio buttons, checkboxes, pull-downs and text boxes and rich-media into outgoing digital correspondence without technical programming for enhanced levels of customer engagement.
  • Template workspaces: Wizard-based template storage and on-demand document creation directly from Content Server. This includes management of document level metadata, regeneration of document preview/edit with native archiving/document versioning.
  • Document-centric processes-- Simplifies orchestration and management of complex document processes such as review/approval/resubmit and multi-channel delivery with out-of-the-box integration to OpenText Process Suite for all business correspondence.