OnviSource Releases Enhanced Solution for Contact Centers and Back Offices

OnviSource,  a provider of contact centers and enterprise solutions, has released OnviCenter 7, a consolidated infrastructure that powers an advanced, unified, comprehensive suite of software solutions and products in optimization, automation, and unification for front office (contact centers), back office functions, and operations management.

OnviCenter 7 provides an expanded suite of unified and enterprise-wide solutions offering analytics-driven and socially-enabled quality and liability management that features: 

  •     Social Media and Analytics-Driven Quality and Liability Management
  •     Multichannel Analytics, including Speech Analytics, Desktop and Process Analytics and Social Media Analytics
  •     Voice of Customer (VoC) and Customer Sentiment
  •     Workflow and Process Automation
  •     Workforce Management
  •     Social Media Management
  •     Unification of customer transaction journey and operational data across multiple platforms, organizations, and sites

OnviCenter 7 also offers collaborative management capability, empowering managers and supervisors to monitor, engage, guide, and exchange documents with their local or remote contact center agents or back office employees.

The solution’s Operation Continuity software significantly reduces the operation management expenses and IT workload, while maintaining operational continuity through a series of automated operation management tools. In order to assist customers in expanding their revenues and services to their end customers, a range of Service Applications are offered, such as answering services, dispatch/emergency services, and HIPAA/HITECH compliant secure messaging.

OnviCenter 7 also includes an analytics-driven Social Media Management solution. It is offered as a managed service designed for social media work operations in customer services, sales, marketing and branding.