OnviSource Introduces Version 2.0 of Its Liaa Intelligent Virtual Agent

OnviSource has released Liaa Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) Version 2.0 for contact centers. Liaa 2.0 is powered by OnviSource's proprietary robotic process automation and multi-engine artificial intelligence (AI), iMachine, and delivers conversational self-service through chat and voice.

Liaa IVA, which is an integral part ofOnviSource's ia.Enterprise Intelligent Automation suite, offers unlimited and real-time access to knowledge sources and information during customer engagements. It automates manual and repetitive tasks and can assist or take over sophisticated customer service transactions. Liaa IVA supports multiple channels via text-based chat or audio-based interactions.

Liaa is supported by OnviSource multichannel analytics, Intellecta. It enables contact centers to automatically conduct first call resolution improvement, sentiment, trend, and intent analysis; as well as topical categorization and chat content classifications for 100 percent of chat interactions. It also enables tracking of the customer journey across multiple channels.

The brain behind Liaa IVA is OnviSource's iMachine 2.0, which offers analytical features beyond rule-based automation using machine learning (ML), natural language processing and understanding with Dialog Frame for conversational AI, and deep learning with artificial neural network capability for deeper intent and sentiment analysis. Liaa's access to OnviSource's robotic process automation, Automata, further augments the service by automating tasks and processes. Liaa also offers custom interfaces and integrations with knowledge systems and third-party chat products. All Liaa bots can be monitored in real time by live agents, and any chat conversation can be intervened by a live agent if needed.

"Liaa IVA can assist live agents with real-time access to knowledge management systems, improving the quality and speed of service, or it can directly process customer service requests without the need for a live agent," said Brian Severson, vice president of product management at OnviSource, in a statement. "In general, Liaa IVA can significantly improve the quality and speed of services while reducing live agent workloads or payroll costs. It also reduces enterprise challenges related to live agent staffing, training, and retention."

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