Omilia Launches Agent Assist

Omilia, a provider of conversational artificial intelligence solutions, today launched Agent Assist to provide call center agents personalized coaching and contextually relevant real-time guidance.

Omilia's Agent Assist uses generative AI to provide agents an intelligent virtual assistant that advises and guides them based on caller interests and specific issues.

Key features of Agent Assist include the following:

  • Action suggestion and script adherence.
  • Real-time sentiment analysis.
  • Real-time call transcription and summarization
  • Agent Assist knowledge base, with real-time content pushing to the agent desktop.

"Agent Assist is a game-changer for the customer service industry. By combining AI-driven technology with the expertise of call center agents, we are taking customer support to new heights, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer experience," Omilia Co-founder and CEO Dimitris Vassos said in a statement.