Olark Live Chat Integrates with Front

Olark Live Chat and Front have integrated their two platforms, allowing users to send Olark conversation transcripts to customer records in their Front dashboards.

Olark users can turn on the Front integration from inside their dashboard, and with three steps they can begin sending data to Front. In Olark, the !case command will allow users to choose which conversations are sent to Front. When initiated, Olark will attach the conversation transcript to the customer record in Front, along with other data, such as customer email and IP addresses or locations.

"We want our users to have all of their customer communication in one place, and that includes chat," said Mathilde Collin, CEO of Front, in a statement. "Just like Olark, we're committed to an open platform that enables our users to sync with the tools they already use. We want both Front and Olark users to develop a tech stack that best fits their business needs and make sure the process of linking separate platforms is quick and easy. This integration is both, and we think it will provide quick wins for businesses who try it out."

"Customer conversations are only valuable if they can be shared in a collaborative way," said Ben Congleton, CEO and co-founder of Olark Live Chat, in a statement. "Traditionally only CRMs and help desks have made capturing conversations possible, but Mathilde and her team at Front are challenging convention with their unified inbox approach. At the same time, we're committed to giving our users as many options possible to capture and follow-through on leads and qualitative data in chat transcripts. I'm proud that we're partnering with Front (a fellow YC alum!) to offer our users yet another great integration option."