Observe.AI Launches Contact Center LLM and Generative AI Suite

Observe.AI, providers of a conversation intelligence platform for contact centers, today introduced a 30-billion-parameter Contact Center LLM and Generative AI Suite for boosting agent performance.

Observe.AI's large language model (LLM) is trained on a domain-specific dataset of hundreds of millions of customer interactions to support AI-based tasks that are highly specific to contact centers. It is trained only on data that is completely redacted of personally identifiable information.

Observe.AI's new Generative AI Suite leverages this LLM to enhance agent performance before, during, and after customer interactions, surfacing real-time answers, automated call summarization, and automated coaching notes.

"We're at an exciting precipice for the use of generative AI in contact centers, an inflection point on par with the advent of the cloud or mobile. It's a critical moment that will separate the disruptors from the disrupted, and contact centers who move forward with LLM strategies based on accuracy, calibration, and control will realize their fullest potential," said Swapnil Jain, CEO and co-founder of Observe.AI, in a statement.

Observe.AI's generative AI capabilities include the following:

  • Knowledge AI, searching knowledge bases and FAQs to answer customer questions;
  • Auto Summary, which captures interaction summaries in multiple formats;
  • Auto Coaching, which automatically generates and serves up coaching notes for agents as soon as a customer interaction ends.

"By leveraging a domain-specific LLM, we're able to drive deeper trend analysis, more accurate call summarization, and in-context question answering while ensuring degrees of control, calibration, and privacy that are simply not possible with generic models," said Vache Moroyan, senior vice president of product at Observe.AI, in a statement.