Numonix Launches Intelligent Scenario Routing for Recite

Numonix, a provider of interaction recording solutions, has launched Intelligent Scenario Routing for its Recite Interaction Recording solution for Microsoft Skype for Business.

"With the constantly changing Skype for Business landscape and increasing number of deployment options for premises, cloud, and hybrid topologies, enterprises have been forced to choose a single routing deployment path for call recordings within the limitations of their architecture, until now. Numonix’s Recite interaction recording now includes Intelligent Scenario Routing, enabling enterprises to utilize multiple routing methodologies in a single, intelligent solution," said Evan Kahan, chief operations officer at Numonix, in a statement.

Numonix's Recite for Skype for Business now offers Intelligent Scenario Routing for call recordings, delivering a single environment solution that intelligently and automatically selects the most appropriate model based on a particular call type and routes targeted calls through the most appropriate pathway, namely: edge, media relay, and passive models.

Recite's Intelligent Scenario Routing enables companies to record internal calls though a media relay without routing peer-to-peer calls to an edge server, while at the same time, recording most remote call scenarios through the edge servers. For these scenarios, the solution passively captures encrypted RTP. For any call scenario involving two or more remote users, the edge model is used to force media through the edge servers.

In addition, Recite's Intelligent Scenario Routing enables recording of PSTN calls routing via internal SBC ports to the recorder.

Numonix has also updated its Recite interaction recording solution to better enable the flow of call recording to meet the unique compliance needs of Skype for Business contact centers. Now, Recite can capture call recordings directly on mediation servers rather than forcing an edge model methodology that is not fully compatible with Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA). This also eliminates the need for a media relay in the call flow for contact centers.