Numonix Enhances Recite Call Recording for Mitel Products

Numonix's Recite interaction recording solution is now available for Mitel's 400 Series IP phones (for MiVoice Connect) with SIP signal packet encryption.

"Many MiVoice Connect customers have approached us for a compatible recording solution for their newly purchased Mitel IP400 phones," said Evan Kahan, chief operations officer at Numonix, in a statement. "Businesses are buying these phones for their enhanced encryption capabilities, but they are struggling to find supporting recording functionality."

Numonix has developed a proprietary algorithm using available TAPI and network information to target these encrypted telephones. The algorithm also supports extension mobility. When users work remotely via soft phone and log in to their personal extensions, sit in the office, or are on the road, Recite can capture all MiVoice Connect calls no matter which device they use.