Nu Echo Releases Nu Bot 4.0

Nu Echo, a contact center solutions provider and consulting firm, has released Version 4.0 of its NuBot platform. This new platform release simplifies creation of test cases, the launch of tests, and presentation of results through detailed graphical dashboards.

NuBot 4.0 offers the following features:

  • Simple scenario creation for creating test cases and matching prompts. It can provide DTMF or audio input. This is a big change from the NuBot Platform version 3.12 where test scenario creation was accomplished in eclipse.
  • Test configuration, from test campaign definition, entry of phone number, to call traffic shape and setting of test cases.
  • Project overview: Each test project now provides an overview featuring description, tags, assets/results/minutes highlights, test and project activity.
  • Audio/prompt import wizard: Audio prompts can now be imported straight from within the browser through drag-and-drop support.
  • Interactive charts: All charts within the analytics dashboards are now fully interactive. Zoom in/out, data point selection, tool tips. Everything is accessible in just a few clicks.

"These new product improvements put our platform on par with those of Empirix and Cyara. Paired with our team's flexibility and approach to testing, there is no better solution on the market for contact center performance testing," said Pascal Deschênes, chief product architect at Nu Echo, in a statement. "Testing is truly a mandatory step in any new contact center or telephony infrastructure deployment. Every project has issues; it is just a matter of whether you have tried to find them or not. NuBot platform 4.0 takes the complicated development side of performance testing out of the equation. A deep level of performance testing knowledge is always required, but our new platform allows us to demonstrate true value to our clients who can easily view their tests, browse results and dashboards, and relaunch tests at a click of a button."