Nu Echo Partners with Flowroute for NuBot PING

Nu Echo, a technology and consulting services provider for contact centers, has partnered with Flowroute, a provider of advanced calling and messaging services, to offer NuBot Ping, a cloud-based solution that can monitor critical system functionality, such as call set-up, system response, application operation, and more.

NuBot provides cloud-based automated testing, agent simulation, functional and performance testing, and now advanced monitoring.

"Flowroute's comprehensive product offering, competitive pricing, and flexible approach to business helps us offer our clients the best cloud-based testing and monitoring platform on the market," said Pascal Deschenes, chief product architect at Nu Echo, in a statement. "Collaborations, like the one we have forged with Flowroute, give us a competitive advantage that benefits our clients. Honesty, integrity, and value is at the heart of Nu Echo, and we look to continuously surpass our clients' expectations for our solutions and our services."

NuBot Ping allows users to login anywhere, anytime, through the web. It is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides access to account administration, monitoring scenario creation, configuration, and launch from a web browser. Monitoring progress in real time, call export, programmable alerts, and voice quality measures help identify and correct system issues.

"Nu Echo expects the highest performance from their communications technologies, enabling it to provide powerful yet simple testing and monitoring services for contact centers," said Dan Nordale, chief marketing officer at Flowroute, in a statement. "Nu Echo is pushing the envelope with how they deliver cloud-based services to ensure each and every customer has a positive, consistent user experience. The growing global customer base of Nu Echo depends on flawless communications, and we are thrilled to be an integral part of Nu Echo's success."