Novelvox Introduces Epic CTI Connector for Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys

NovelVox, a provider of contact center solutions, has launched the Cisco CTI connector for Epic Hyperspace, giving healthcare agents relevant caller details before they answer the phone.

Now the agent logs into the Hyperspace application, where NovelVox CTI call controls and agent state controls are embedded. When a patient calls, Novelvox CTI screen pops patient records within Epic Hyperspace even before answering the call. The solution also offers click-to-dial and allows agents to add call notes with configurable log templates and wrap-up codes. It also can provide performance reports on call offered, handled, etc., along with real-time data of agent queues and skill groups.

"The launch of NovelVox CTI Connector for Epic is another significant move of the company in creating excellent agent and customer experience in the healthcare sector that is one of the rapidly growing industries. Further strengthening our foundation in delivering industry-specific solutions and keeping up with the rising market expectations, we must create a compelling and personalized journey for bothpatient and agent," said Amit Gandhi, CEO of NovelVox, in a statement. "So, with embedded CTI connector for Epic in place, agents will no longer require to scramble screens to copy-paste required patient information for appointments, nor will the patients be required to hold the call for long."