NovelVox Updates Finesse Unified Mobile Agent

NovelVox, a provider of contact center solutions, has upgraded its Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent with improvements such as team phone book, team stats, call logs, and cache management.

Mobile Agent is compatible with Cisco's UCCE, PCCE, and UCCX platforms and can be integrated with CRM, ticketing, enterprise resource planning, and workforce optimization systems or any third-party application using an open API framework. With this integration, relevant customer information is pulled from back-end systems and displayed on agents' mobile/tablet screens.

Mobile Agent also offers a Phone Book, where agents working on the app can view team contact details from Finesse. The Team Stats feature allows agents to view team statistics live. Its call log section allows agents to view all call logs, but once signed out, only the current call list is visible. The cache manager automatically feeds in login details.

"We are focused on developing solutions that make agents and customer experience memorable. So, we have released the Finesse Unified Mobile Agent App with better features. NovelVox is delighted to see the success and popularity of Mobile Agent's previous versions. The seamless integration is the core of this application, through which field agents can avail capabilities like contact center people. Now agents are empowered to deliver quality customer services from wherever they are with their mobile or tablet," said Amit Gandhi, NovelVox's CEO, in a statement. "Field agents and on-floor agents need to be connected seamlessly for creating consistent customer service. And, businesses are coming on mobile for CX delivery at a much faster pace. This Mobile Agent app extends contact center capabilities for on-field agents to deliver the best. Also, we hope to create such app and gadgets that simplify the life of agents and grow the reputation of contact centers."

NovelVox Finesse Mobile Agent allows contact centers to add agents, especially during seasonal surges. It is available for both Android and iOS.