"Staying ahead of the market trend, we have once again successfully brought in a revamped and friendlier version 2.0 of Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent App for agents who spend time working away from their contact centers. This, like its previous version, is fast gaining popularity among contact center professionals working in the field or remote locations due to the flexibility and high capabilities that it has to offer," said NovelVox CEO Amit Gandhi in a statement. "It provides seamless integrations to core applications of various industries so that remote agents can readily access all customer information on their mobile devices to deliver quality customer experiences irrespective of where they are."

Cisco Mobile Agent can be integrated with any third-party or homegrown database or application, including CRM, ticketing, middleware, workforce management, and enterprise resource planning systems, using Java, SOAP/XML, REST, SQL, JavaScript, .Net or any open API framework. Cisco Mobile app pulls information from all these back-end channels so agents get a single-screen view of the complete customer journey right on their mobile screens.

The Cisco Mobile Agent 2.0 app interface can be optimized for industry-specific requirements. It can also be connected via the internet or VPN and supports both iOS and Android platforms.