NovelVox Launches Finesse Unified Mobile Agent

NovelVox has launched the Finesse Unified Mobile Agent (FUMA) app that provides home office functionality for users of Cisco Contact Center.

The app can be implemented within 24 hours, allowing agents to receive calls via mobile, tablet, or desktop with a simple internet connection instead of a VPN. In addition to integrated call controls, the app features a phonebook for team coordination and team stats to monitor real-time performance.

"We care for our customers, their employees, and their customers too. To keep everyone safe, to free businesses from limiting agents to operating from just the office, and to battle customer service complexity in a tough time, we offer Cisco Finesse Unified Mobile Agent App or access from a desktop with no need for VPN access. The high anxiety in the atmosphere shouts for a quick solution, so we are currently supporting 24 hours of implementation time. NovelVox is committed to serve during tough situations or technology limitations. We are working day and night to reduce the impact on the contact center as much as possible," said NovelVox CEO Amit Gandhi in a statement.