NovelVox Launches Cisco Finesse Supervisor Desktop

NovelVox has launched Cisco Supervisor Desktop, enabling managers of contact centers outfitted with Ciscos Finesse systems to monitor and support their teams. Supervisor Desktop supports all Finesse versions to 12.5.

NovelVox Supervisor Desktop equips managers with access to all updates related to agents, state, call queue, and more. It offers real-time statistics of agents, teams, and call lines. Also, the supervisor is notified whenever a set KPI is breached.

NovelVox also offers agent reskilling. According to the call volume or agent's performance, the supervisor can change the state of the agent from not ready to ready, monitor a call silently, or barge in to support the agent. It allows supervisors to work from home and manage the agents working from home or via Finesse Mobile Agent App.

Cisco Supervisor Desktop includes integration with third-party applications, such as workforce management, call loggers, and quality monitoring tools.

"We work with an intent to create optimized and flexible solutions for contact centers that improve agent and customer experience keeping the ROI high. Our Cisco Supervisor Desktop focusses on improving agents' performance and supporting them whenever required with live data for Cisco Finesse agents," said Amit Gandhi, NovelVox's CEO, in a statement. "A supervisor can view KPI, presence notifications, agent state logs, ACD state logs, and more. The software offers amazing features, including inter-team chat and chats with the supervisor, since we believe communication is the best way to deal with all issues. Cisco contact center supervisors will no more require to switch applications and focus just on team performance management."