NovelVox Introduces CTI Connector and Unified Agent Desktop for Cisco Call Manager

NovelVox, a contact center integration provider, has launched Agent Desktop and CTI Connector for Cisco Call Manager (CUCM).

NovelVox Agent Desktop for Cisco Call Manager empowers agents with customer information and call management essentials on one single desktop screen. Seamless integration with more than 70 third-party applications empowers agents with caller details even before answering the call. Agents are equipped with Pre-built Gadgets, such as Knowledge Base, Agent Scripting Tool, and more. Further, the agent desktop for CUCM offers an optimized and industry-specific interface for agents.

NovelVox CTI Connector for CUCM is embedded in the CRM application. The agent is equipped with required customer information as a screen pop even before answering the call. Other features include click-to-dial, smart dialing that configures overcall prefix and suffix irrespective of agent and caller country code, and a phonebook (Global/Company/Agent) within the connector to equip agents with instant support to handle calls.

"NovelVox has pioneered the art of delivering exceptional caller experience with technology, and UCM integration with CRM is another step in this direction. We are focused on creating solutions that save agents crucial time lost in logging, swapping screens to fetch customer information, manual dialing of numbers, or placing customers on hold," said NovelVox CEO Amit Gandhi in a statement. "Our agent desktop and CTI connector for Cisco Unified Manager has all these features to enhance agents' performance and deliver high-quality caller experience. We want the agents to make the most from CUCM."