NovelVox Agent Desktop Certified for Use with Cisco Finesse 12

NovelVox's Agent Desktop has been certified for use with Cisco Finesse 12.0 after passing Cisco's Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) requirements.

NovelVox, a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, has been working with Cisco's development and enhancements to offer an integrated agent experience. NovelVox has already created a library of applications that can be connected with Cisco Finesse and can integrate any application with an open API with Cisco Finesse using the Universal Connector.

NovelVox Finesse 12 Agent Desktop comes with some of the latest contact center upgrades and features and provides a complete 360-degree view of customer data.

NovelVox creates customized agent desktops for contact centers across industries, including finance, banking, healthcare, telecom, and government. The new Cisco Finesse 12 agent desktop enables agents to respond to customer queries without switching screens or putting the caller on hold. This is possible by integrating all third-party applications with the new Cisco Finesse 12 Agent Desktop.

"NovelVox is working shoulder to shoulder with Cisco when it comes to adapting and implementing the latest technology and has proved to be a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner in true sense. With our launch of Cisco Finesse 12 Agent Desktop, we have become the first ones to bring out the most-awaited agent desktop of 2019," said NovelVox CEO Amit Gandhi in a statement. "Cisco has rightly incorporated most of the feedback that it received while designing Finesse 12.0. We have taken it one step forward by working toward their goal of providing a single-pane-of-glass portal, best internal team collaborations, and more by providing integrated industry-specific desktops with improved designs and functionality along with added gadgets for internal collaboration to deliver enhanced user experience; thereby further strengthening Cisco's intent. NovelVox's Cisco Finesse 12 Desktop comes with upgraded features that will empower agents and allow them to greet their caller by their first name and view all caller information instantly in a single pane of glass view. This will empower the agent in offering a personalized customer experience and gain customer's trust and loyalty."

Cisco Finesse 12 Agent Desktop also comes with enhanced security measures. With integrated desktops, agents can now access only restricted information that is essential to handle calls instead of having complete application access. NovelVox Finesse 12 Agent Desktop also comes with built-in gadgets along with a wide range of industry-specific templates.