NovelVox Adds Integrations for Cisco Webex Contact Center

Through a new Integration Library, NovelVox, a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, will now help Cisco Finesse customers transition to Webex Contact Center.

Besides seamless transition, the integration suite also enables faster adoption of Webex CC through integrated workflows, a unified agent desktop interface, and industry-specific optimization.

Key features of NovelVox integrations for Webex CC include the following:

  • Seamless transition to Webex CC from Cisco Finesse.
  • Unified Agent Desktop Interface for ready integration with more than 75 applications, including CRM, ticketing, electronic medical records, banking systems, and other business applications leveraging open API accessibility.
  • Industry-specific optimizations for banking and finance, health care, insurance, credit unions, retail, telecom, and more.
  • Integration of business workflows to automate tasks.
  • Drag-and-drop designer studio for customizations.

"When Cisco announced the launch of its all-new Cloud Contact Center, we made sure our solutions fit into this new environment. Today, we are delighted to introduce NovelVox's Integration Library to Webex CC. The integration will not only help Cisco Finesse customers with seamless Webex CC transitioning but also accelerate the adoption of this new cloud environment through a smarter agent desktop interface, workflows, and industry-specific optimization, all leading to an optimum agent and customer experience," NovelVox CEO Amit Gandhi said in a statement.