Noble IVR Helps MLS Software Optimize Outbound Communications

Product distribution software provider MLS Software has upgraded its legacy Noble Systems platform to the Noble Enterprise platform with SIPhony to take advantage of enhanced tools and features, including Noble IVR (interactive voice response), which will support its outbound customer contact operations.

MLS Software will use the Noble Maestro manager interface to configure system settings, run reports, manage group assignments, and view real-time statistics, while ensuring compliance with federal and state calling rules on a call-by-call basis. Noble's IVR will allow the company to establish outbound call flows featuring automated messaging and interaction recording.

"MLS Software's use of Noble IVR is a fantastic model for hyper-efficient outbound operations. IVR is a versatile technology that can be used for a wide variety of customer contact applications, and we are very happy to see our client using it to keep costs low and efficiencies high while simultaneously making their outbound communications the best they can be," said Chris Hodges, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Noble Systems, in a statement.