Noble Harmony v4 Provides Mobile Contact Center Management

Noble Systems, a provider of contact center solutions, announces the release of Noble Harmony v.4, adding to its Web-based supervisor interface for remote and mobile contact center management. Noble Harmony v.4 features enhanced tools for call recording and playback and real-time speech analytics. Just like previous versions, Harmony v.4 supports multiple browsers and operating systems and is accessible on tablets, smart phones, laptops, and desktops.

“Remote and mobile management access is a necessity in today’s fast-paced, distributed business environments,” said Jason Ouimette, vice president of product management, in a statement. “High-performance contact centers compete in a global marketplace that has moved beyond the traditional wires-and-workstations model. That’s why we’ve invested in delivering a solution that gives managers the power to get the job done anywhere, anytime.”

Noble Harmony provides remote and mobile access to Noble’s management tools from virtually any Web-enabled device, allowing managers to easily stay on top of contact center activities, wherever they may be located. Managers can organize workgroups, configure outbound workflows, monitor agent activities and compliance, define alerts to be triggered on specific conditions, quickly analyze results, audit changes, and more.

Key enhancements and features include: 

  • Enhanced Recording Playback and QA: View stereo call audio and video (voice and screen, agent and line side) recordings and create and manage scorecards for quality assurance with the new Scorecard Designer.
  • Advanced Speech Analytics: Integration with Noble’s Real-time Speech Analytics tools to monitor call audio and alerts while calls are in progress.
  • Improved Ease of Use: HTML5 design increases functionality while eliminating the need to install additional software components.
  • Enriched Management Tools: Manage groups, configure compliance and outbound pacing, schedule workflows, and more with mobile-friendly control panel.
  • Upgraded Supervisor Interface: Personalize the supervisor desktop and customize dashboards and layouts for monitoring real-time activity.

Noble Harmony v.4 is a part of Noble’s browser-agnostic mobile management platform, which works with most major browser applications (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) to connect contact center managers to their reporting and management data. Due to its flexible architecture and HTML5 design, Noble Harmony v.4 is accessible on devices that utilize Windows, Android, Linux or iOS operating systems.