NobelBiz Partners with Numeracle

Through a new partnership, Numeracle, a provider of robocall blocking and labeling visibility and control, will enable NobelBiz, a provider of contact center technology, to provide its Number Registration and Trusted Entity Certification solutions to customers using LocalTouch, NobleBiz's patented Local Caller ID management solution.

Numeracle's NumeraList Number Registration services allow businesses to register their phone numbers across the telecommunications network, or the calling ecosystem, to identify their ownership of the numbers. Numeracle's corresponding NumeraCert module verifies the enterprise's identity, call compliance infrastructure, and use of phone numbers for customer communications to certify the call originator's status as a Trusted Entity.

As the result of Number Registration and Trusted Entity Certification, companies can prevent their calls from being improperly classified and labeled as "Fraud" or "Scam" on consumers' mobile phone or caller ID displays.

"As a strategic extension of NobelBiz's Intelligent Local Caller ID Management solutions, the addition of Numeracle's Registration and Certification offering allows our customers to receive all the performance and productivity enhancements associated with LocalTouch, now with the ability to address improper call blocking and labeling," said Steve Bederman, president of NobelBiz, in a statement. "By providing our customers with a solution to address lost connections due to fraudulent or illegal call labeling, we're able to improve connect rates, supported by Numeracle's established position within the industry to navigate this changing ecosystem."

"By bringing the work we're doing to support the legal call originator together with NobelBiz's innovative suite of performance and productivity solutions, we're extending our mutually-held vision to improve trust and consumer experience for our customers on a wider scale," said Rebekah Johnson, founder and CEO of Numeracle, in a statement. "By extending the ability for LocalTouch users to identify how they intend for their numbers to be labeled across the ecosystem, we're putting control back into the hands of the call originator and returning viability to voice channel communications."