Nixxis Partners with Autom8 Group

Nixxis, a Belgian contact center software publisher, today announced a distribution partnership with the Autom8 Group.

Under the partnership, Autom8 Group has added the Nixxis solution to its product portfolio and will act as national distributor of Nixxis Contact Suite.

"We are delighted to be working with Autom8 Group to deliver best-in-class communication tools and define new exciting opportunities for U.K. customers," said Nixxis CEO Luc Jacobs in a statement. "We believe that our advanced solutions will help modern contact centers to overcome today's industry challenges. The partnership with Autom8 Group will extend the reach of Nixxis Contact Suite in the U.K. market, allowing us to provide outstanding customer experiences.

"The partnership with Nixxis is a truly pioneering stepping stone for Autom8 Group and will allow us to take U.K. contact centers to the pinnacle of customer service success.The Nixxis solution does not just automate your dialling and improve conversion rates, it provides you with meaningful analytics and reports to help you create workflows that improve customer engagement and retention. Nixxis expertly manages the collaboration of email, SMS, Web chat, voice, and social media to help clients build a truly omnichannel multiskilled contact center," said Autom8 Group CEO Shahad Ahmed in a statement.