Nixxis Contact Suite Now Complies with PCI-DSS

Nixxis, a Belgian contact center software provider, announced that Nixxis Contact Suite solutions are now fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

"We believe that safeguarding customer privacy is one of the critical issues confronted by contact centers when dealing with payments," said Nixxis CEO Luc Jacobs in a statement. "The threat of undesirable activity occurs from a variety of sources, including not only outside hackers but current and former employees. To strengthen and amplify customers’ confidence in contact centers, PCI compliance is a very smart decision. At the same time, compliance with PCI requirements is a real challenge for the majority of companies."

NCSv2.3 conceals cardholder information from the contact center agents' screens. NCSv2.3 allows customers to provide card details by simply entering a combination of numbers through their telephone keypad, while preventing agents from seeing and hearing this information.