Nexidia Live Collection Assistant Adds Real-time Sentiment Detection

Nexidia has enhanced its Nexidia Live Collection Assistant, a real-time monitoring and alerting solution designed specifically for the collections industry.

Nexidia Live Collection Assistant drives relevant alerts and information to collector and supervisor desktops within the contact center, based on pre-defined events in live call activity, such as an omitted mini-Miranda disclosure or the detection of a settlement request. The system also provides real-time decisioning that enables companies to change agent behavior and maximize collections effectiveness while the call is in progress, all while staying in compliance with rules and regulations. With Nexidia Live Collection Assistant, debt collection companies now have the ability to incorporate what has traditionally been “back-end” analysis of recorded calls directly into the live call stream.

The addition of real-time sentiment detection, powered by Nexidia’s technology framework, Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics, enables collectors and supervisors to better determine the caller’s emotional state and take proactive steps to control the call. By studying not only what the caller is saying, but other indicators such as tone of voice, pitch, cross-talk and laughter, Nexidia Live Collection Assistant measures how caller sentiment is trending throughout the duration of the conversation.

Sentiment, combined with business topic alerts, provides a new depth of insight into collections calls. Nexidia Live Collection Assistant pushes critical information and call handling techniques to collector desktops when important call topics such as “bankruptcy” or “account settlement” are detected. Absence of key phrases can also trigger alerts, and time-based criteria can be configured to ensure that compliance requirements are spoken near the beginning of each call, or that certain phrases are said in their required sequence. This real time intervention helps ensure that regulations are met.

Feature-rich consoles provide supervisors views into the activity and status of each collector across their entire team, displaying real-time alerts occurring for each member of their group. Supervisors can choose to monitor the live calls or intervene based on alerts escalated to them by configurable events or when specific thresholds have been exceeded.

A new, live “sentimeter” gives supervisors a color-coded visual tracker to indicate the current sentiments trending across all calls being handled by their teams. These enhancements enable contact centers to more effectively identify and respond to emerging issues as they are happening.

Live Collection Assistant is augmented by Nexidia’s flagship product, Nexidia Interaction Analytics, which enables enterprises to capture, synthesize and share the business insights locked inside their multichannel interactions. This business intelligence provides the insight to make decisions in real-time by triggering alerts based on sentiment and business rules. The results are improved compliance and collector performance, along with reduced operating expenses.

The company currently provides solutions to U.S. government regulators and collections industry clients, including Financial Asset Management Systems and ConServe.

The new features will become generally available to Nexidia OnDemand customers beginning at the end of the third quarter, and to premises-based customers starting in the fourth quarter.