NewVoiceMedia Unveils ContactWorld Summer 16 Release

NewVoiceMedia today introduced the Summer 16 release of its ContactWorld technology at its Connect user conference.

The new release offers several major new product features to offer sales and service teams improved personalization, performance, efficiency, user experience, and infrastructure. There has been a host of changes to the way administrators can create call flows, manage skills, and access data in to inform and resolve customer contacts.

ContactWorl's integration with's Omni-Channel Presence feature enables the two platforms to work together to prioritize the delivery of interactions through different channels to the same pool of agents, in the same desktop.

For those making outbound calls, NewVoiceMedia has automated the process of presenting the correct local number. It will also be easier to set up and maintain dial lists in ContactWorld. Agents will be assigned calls on request, meaning the hottest leads are always given to the next available‘ready agent. For those working in large enterprises, the new dial list limit of 49,000 entries means reps will never run out of hot prospects to call.

The new release focuses on removing barriers to information, streamlining processes and improving the agent interface. ContactPad now aligns with the Salesforce Lightning aesthetic, giving it& a modern, refreshed design. NewVoiceMedia has also improved the user experience in the dialler, putting some of the most used features, such as editing a customer's records and converting a lead, at the agents' fingertips.

This release also enables NewVoiceMedia to deliver calls using WebRTC in other parts of the world. NewVoiceMedia had already worked with WebRTC, an in-browser delivery method that enables agents to make and receive calls from their browser through ContactPad, in North America.

"Innovation and speed to market of new features is vital for fast-growing companies, and we are committed to investing in the development of our suite of true cloud solutions to continue offering customers the best possible technology within a single Salesforce desktop," said Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia, in a statement. "Our major product enhancements, which we're proud to announce at Connect today, will further strengthen our integration with Salesforce, improve the user experience for our customers, and help them turn insights into action, to make every conversation completely unique and personalized."