NetFortris Upgrade Adds PCI Compliance and Skills-Based Routing for Contact Centers

NetFortris, a provider of cloud-based voice and data networking solutions, announced two advancements which enhance security and efficiency in call centers, PCI-compliant credit card security capabilities and intelligent multimedia queueing.

PCI-compliant credit card security functionality within the new NetFortris Enterprise Contact Center solution makes it possible for consumers to use a secure virtual keypad to enter credit card information. The technology shields both the actual credit card digits and associated tones from the agent, making it possible for customers to confidently conduct transactions through call centers.

In addition, NetFortris released intelligent multimedia queueing and further enhancement of its skills-based routing capabilities within its Contact Center solution. These capabilities combine voice, video (WebRTC), Instant Messaging, email, SMS and social media into a universal queue for a truly unified contact center. 

"Skills-based routing has become essential as enterprise call centers are required to deal with a wider variety of call types, often across different languages and geographies," said Karen Salazar, vice president, marketing, NetFortris, in a statement. "Our skills-based call routing is a powerful addition to our popular Contact Center solution. It enables customizable call-assignment strategies that can be used to improve customer satisfaction and call center productivity. Now, incoming calls can be easily routed to the most suitable agent, instead of simply the next available agent."

The NetFortris Enterprise Contact Center solution works with the NetFortris Cloud PBX solution and other communication systems.  It is designed to efficiently manage large volumes of specialized calls. With NetFortris, call center managers can view and monitor live calls, silently monitor active calls, and communicate with agents real-time as necessary. When combined with advanced call recording and analytics, call center managers are equipped to improve training, streamline service, improve call efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

NetFortris Enterprise Contact Center provides:

  • PCI compliance for contact centers that take credit cards over the phone
  • Universal multimedia queueing and communication, including instant messaging, email, Web chat, SMS, WebRTC and social media.
  • Complete reporting and analytics of every interaction through the contact center focusing on individual calls or interactions, groups of calls that can be sorted by type, topic, or customizable criteria.
  • Enterprise-class IVR and skills-based routing.
  • Soft phone capability with multimedia integration (click-to-call).
  • Complete analytics with real-time and custom reporting.
  • Agent surveys and scoreboard to ensure consistent quality performance.

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Posted December 18, 2014