Nectar Launches Customer Experience Assurance

Nectar Services, a provider of proactive unified communications (UC) monitoring and performance management software for the voice, video, and collaboration market, today launched Nectar Customer Experience (CX) Assurance.

CX Assurance builds on Nectar's core products for platform, network, and endpoint operations for UC with cloud-based CX testing for contact center and IVR operations. CX Assurance offers a complete suite of capabilities including auto-discovery, voice recognition and simulation, dynamic call automation, and load testing.

"Nectar is increasingly applying our expertise in UC monitoring, diagnostics, and reporting into the contact center, where customer experience testing is critical," said Tom Tuttle, senior vice president of UC strategy and global alliances at Nectar, in a statement. "In many contact center environments, organizations have been forced to rely on complex and expensive legacy platforms to test their environments for potential customer experience issues in IVR and contact center routing. Nectar is excited to offer a new alternative for automated CX testing that offers both superior functionality and industry-leading cost efficiency."

Beyond advanced functional and regression testing features, Nectar CX Assurance also offers perpetual monitoring for ongoing or recurring synthetic testing of availability and configuration changes. Perpetual monitoring provides contact center management teams with alerting and historical reporting based on service availability, functionality, and call quality factors that could impact CX metrics.

Nectar CX Assurance includes the following key features:

  • Auto discovery, which provides automated reverse-engineering of call flows;
  • Real-time alerting via email and/or SMS text messaging when issues are identified;
  • Voice automation with text-to-speech and speech recognition; and
  • Voice quality scoring with advanced voice quality monitoring, identifying clicks and noises on the line, artifacts generated by packet loss, intermittent gaps in audio during playback, and stutter/jitter due to packet loss.