Natterbox Lets Users Control Phone Apps within

Natterbox, a voice cloud services provider, today introduced Natterbox VoiceCloud PBX for Salesforce, a telephony system that is managed from within

With this introduction, Natterbox is embedding Cloud PBX management into administrators and managers can now deploy and manage their global telephony system, including landline and mobile, right from within the application.</>

"The migration of business telephony to a cloud model is well-accepted. This is driving a new breed of telephony that is agile, flexible, and helps organizations innovate to deliver a better customer experience and staff productivity," Natterbox CEO Neil Hammerton said in a statement. "The next stage of cloud telephony is self-service. Amazon Web Services (AWS) showed the world how cloud technology self-service drives disruptive innovation. We are bringing this approach to Salesforce telephony over our global network."

Natterbox VoiceCloud for Salesforce brings telephony management directly to sales, service, marketing, and other functions. As well as management within Salesforce, Natterbox delivers all the service components required for a global cloud telephony system with Salesforce integration. It even extends to enterprise call recording from mobile or landline phones.