NLX Launches Voice Insights for Amazon Connect

NLX has launched Voice Insights for Amazon Connect, allowing users of Amazon Web Services' omnichannel cloud contact center service to access new artifical intelligence and analytics capabilities integrated into the platform.

Voice Insights for Amazon Connect by NLX is available as a pay-as-you-go Amazon Connect monitoring subscription through the AWS Marketplace. It allows contact center supervisors to monitor contact center metrics, provides a fully searchable repository of calls, and transcribes and analyzes call recordings to help organizations achieve operational efficiency.

Contact center supervisors can identify emerging themes and trends from customer conversations; conduct full-text search on call and chat transcripts, and leverage call and chat-specific analytics, including sentiment analysis and silence detection to improve performance.

"NLX's powerful conversation-first analytics are uniquely designed to capture and reveal conversations by recognizing them as a unique class of analytics," said NLX CEO and Co-founder, Andrei Papancea, in a statement. "Pre-defined reports designed to understand your contact center performance are available in seconds rather than hours or days." 

Automated transcriptions of call recordings are available in more than 30 languages and include language-specific tagging based on specific criteria, such as keywords, phrases, or sentiment. Data sharing is made possible through flexible APIs and connectors to other enterprise applications, such as business intelligence tools or data warehouses.

Voice Insights for Amazon Connect by NLX is part of a suite of complementary products developed specifically for Amazon Connect users. These include Dialog Studio, which is available to support IVR solutions that integrate with Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex.

NLX is a certified APN Advanced Technology Partner as well as an official technology partner of Amazon Connect. Its expertise is vetted by AWS and its Amazon Connect monitoring product, architecture, and Amazon Connect integration have been validated by the Amazon Connect team.

For users of other contact center systems, Voice Insights for Contact Centers is also available.