NICE inContact Supports COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

NICE is ramping up support for service and information centers across the entire COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, from vaccine manufacturers to federal and state agencies responsible for distribution and healthcare providers that are administering the vaccine, with its CXone cloud platform.

The company said two of the leading approved vaccine manufacturers are now using CXone, dozens of state and federal government agencies are ramping up their capacity with CXone to prepare for increases in demand, and numerous healthcare providers and pharmacies are already relying on CXone to serve their patients and customers.

"This is a historic moment, and contact centers play a critical role in efficiently distributing and building trust in the COVID-19 vaccine," said Paul Jarman, NICE inContact's CEO, in a statement. "As the vaccine rollout unfolds, information and service centers across the pharmaceutical industry, health departments, government agencies, distribution companies, and pharmacies need to quickly ramp up customer service as needed. CXone equips all of them with innovative cloud technology that drives flexibility, reliability and agility in the face of such a grand-scale effort."

With CXone, contact center agents can respond to inbound inquiries about the vaccine and proactively push information to citizens via SMS or digital messaging. The rollout also includes digital self-service and chatbot technologies.