NICE and BoomeRing Solution Enables Contact Centers to Meet Regulatory Compliance

NICE Systems and BoomeRing, a provider of converged communication solutions for telecoms and enterprises, announced that it has successfully integrated BoomeRing's mobile recording service with the NICE Engage platform. The integrated offering provides a cost effective way for mobile carriers to record both voice and SMS interactions in order to ensure regulatory compliance.

BoomeRing enables tier-1 mobile carriers to provide end-to-end mobile recording compliance value-added services for voice and SMS interactions in compliance with the newest mobile recording regulation in the financial services industry worldwide. With the new integration with NICE, carriers can now expand their infrastructure with the BoomeRing Enterprise Compliance Server (ECS), and allow their end-customers to record mobile voice and SMS interactions by leveraging the end-customer's existing NICE Engage Platform. There is no need to add a separate system since the infrastructure is already in place, resulting in significant cost savings.

This partnership will enable organizations to have an integrated solution to comply with the latest international cellular record keeping regulations, including FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the U.K. and Dodd-Frank in the U.S. These rules mandate that financial institutions capture, store and retrieve mobile communications that relate to specific trades in the UK and US. With further regulations being considered across many European and Asian financial centers, the integration of BoomeRing and NICE Engage future-proofs customers' mobile recording capabilities and ensures continuous regulatory compliance.

The NICE Engage Platform captures customer interactions and helps analyze the reasons why customers are calling, improve quality management, and ensure regulatory compliance---all with a low total cost of ownership. With its advanced real-time capabilities, the platform powers NICE's broad portfolio of real-time applications for significant business impact. The platform supports most telephony environments, including VoIP, traditional TDM and hybrid networks, enabling a seamless transition during technology migrations to easily adapt to contact center needs as they grow and evolve. It supports thousands of concurrent IP streams in a single platform: capturing, forwarding streams in real time, recording and archiving.

"With the number of remote employees growing in the enterprise, we see that recording customer interactions on the mobile channel is becoming increasingly critical for compliance and quality monitoring purposes,” said Micha Catran, vice president, multichannel recording line of business, NICE, in a statement. “Our partnership with BoomeRing enables us to offer organizations secure, intelligent multichannel compliance software for mobile environments to help manage the ever changing compliance rules and challenges."

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