NICE Upgrades Its Engage Recording Platform

NICE has added functionalityy to its NICE Engage omnichannel interaction recording platform, enabling seamless, real-time communications between various contact center systems and greater integration with third-party technologies and business applications.

In NICE Engage Release 6.6, a new small scale option is supported, as well as improved performance for large sites, without the need for additional hardware.

Among the other new capabilities in version 6.6 of the solution are the following:

  • Greater adherence to regulatory guidelines and reduced liability and risk by applying the same advanced compliance policies and practices to all channels and by delivering real-time alerts and analyses of compliance failures directly to mobile devices via NICE Watch.
  • Digital transformation management by extending quality management and analytics methodologies developed for voice to digital channels; by supporting new social media channels like Facebook messenger; and by promoting digitalized business processes on all interactions.
  • Enriched omnichannel capabilities for chat/IM systems and email recording.
  • Greater openness through an umbrella API solution to simplify integration between Engage and third-party systems or business applications (CRM, billing, mobile apps, web/social data, service data, and business analytics).
  • Better Connectivity to Cisco environments with Oracle SBC, speaker identification in SIPREC environments, and full support for Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise R7.1.
  • Enhancements for Avaya, including Proactive Outreach Manager DevConnect Compliance, DMCC, a NAT bypass for outsourcers and hosted solutions (4.1 L2L), and Proactive Contact 5.1.2 support.
  • Enhanced visualization with Playback Portal, now improved with high availability (cluster for servers), NAT certification, and Windows 10 support.
  • More robust transitions with SRT validation for minor upgrades, single flow, and SQL always-on support.

"With the latest release of NICE Engage, we are strengthening our commitment to simplifying processes and experiences, empowering users, and facilitating digital interactions," Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, said in a statement. "We are proud to deliver the leading, most inclusive omnichannel solution, which will play a pivotal role in helping organizations reinvent customer service."