NICE Unveils Open Framework Ecosystem for Cognitive Robotic Automation

NICE has introduced a framework for integrating customer self-service channels and process automation capabilities through an ecosystem of cognitive software vendors.

By integrating with artificial intelligence (AI) technology vendors for optical character recognition (OCR), chat and voice bots, and machine learning, as well as with its in-house cognitive solutions for text analytics and natural language processing, NICE’s cognitive eco-system provides businesses with the capabilities to offer their customers a complete service offering, which gets smarter over time.

One of the main ways to expand the capabilities of smart cognitive communication tools is by integrating with chatbots. Fully integrated into back-end systems, robotic automation can provide real-time customer data to the chatbot and enable the bot to execute customer requests.

Additionally, cognitive decisioning and machine learning unleash a more intelligent robotic workforce. This enables bots to analyze, interpret and understand large volumes of customer requests, thereby enabling continual learning and improvement of business process automation.

Relying on its new open framework for integrations with these advanced AI technologies, the NICE robots can process unstructured data from multiple sources (e.g. email, chats, scanned documents, etc.) and support more complex business needs and service requests.

"Our customers are looking to artificial intelligence as the next step in their automation journey, and we are proud to be there for them, jointly reinventing process automation with the latest in cognitive technology. The innovative NICE framework opens up a new set of automation opportunities based on the smartest cognitive technologies on the market today, both from our own portfolio as well as from third-party vendors," said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, in a statement. "As a result, NICE Robotic Automation handles customer interactions faster, more comprehensively, and with more accuracy than ever before. This expansion in capabilities is the latest in the ongoing development of our process automation platform, which we are committed to continue to bring to our customers."