NICE Rolls Out Robotic Automation for Back Office Processing

NICE has launched NICE Robotic Automation, a solution that uses software robots to automate routine back office processes to help improve operational efficiency and resource utilization. With NICE Robotic Automation, employees can focus on more mission critical activities instead of repetitive clerical tasks that can be automated.

NICE Robotic Automation can easily and cost effectively scale according to the organization's needs. Its ability to operate 24/7 significantly increases productivity, allowing a larger number of tasks to be handled at any given time of the day. Additionally, automating processes improves processing accuracy and frees up employees to handle more sophisticated tasks.

An example of how NICE Robotic Automation improves back office efficiency is a bank that automates part of its loan processing. A customer calls the contact center requesting a loan and in response, the agent opens up a request to approve it. Once the request is approved, the NICE solution automatically enters the loan details into several front and back end systems and sends an email to notify the customer that the loan has been approved. This example of automation reduces the loan approval process from two weeks to two days.

Solution highlights include:

  • Automation of routine desktop activities such as applications launched, mouse selection, field entry, information copy/paste, template auto-fill and calculations.
  • Integration with third-party systems, including CRM, billing, homegrown or Citrix applications, to automate cross-application desktop activities.
  • Centralized control system to monitor and manage task queues and process execution.
  • High scalability, enabling the system to easily add robots when more processing power is needed, for example at peak times.
  • Reliability and availability via health check reporting and a watchdog mechanism to automatically restart the robot client in the event of failure.

"The new NICE Robotic Automation solution demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing a rich offering for the back office,” said Miki Migdal, president, NICE enterprise product group, in a statement. “We believe that this highly innovative solution will greatly improve back office operations and reduce organizational expenses by significantly improving processing time, accuracy and efficiency."  

How does Robotic automation work?

  • A central management module oversees the queuing of tasks, monitors process completion and system livelihood, and allocates robotic resources according to need at any given time.
  • Automates anything, from any source - such as screen navigation, log-in/log-out, mouse selection, field entry, information copy and paste, template auto-fill, calculations, and more; from all third-party systems, including CRM, billing, homegrown or Citrix applications. 
  • Allocate resources – our robots pull their tasks from a queue automatically organized according to request status and the robotic resources needed. 
  • After the job is done – the robot returns to the queue to pull the next task.