NICE Powers Predictive Behavioral Routing with AI-Driven Sentiment Data

NICE has linked its CXone cloud contact center suite with Sentiment Analysis data on top of intelligent routing, both driven by artificial intelligence, to hyper-personalize customer and employee experiences.

Adding Nexidia's AI-driven Sentiment Analysis to Predictive Behavioral Routing's AI-based routing strategy, CXone now factors in customer preferences, in addition to personality, when connecting employees and customers in real time. NICE's Nexidia Analytics solutions now also integrate AI-powered routing information on top of Sentiment Analysis data.

"Redefining personalization, businesses can now differentiate by driving engaging connections that excite customers and motivate employees. With today's announcement, organizations can now drive customer experience transformation within their businesses using AI to precisely match the right agent with the customer based on personality and preferences," Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Enterprise Group, said in a statement.