NICE Partners with Celaton to Add AI to Robotic Automation

NICE has partnered with Celaton to add machine learning capabilities to NICE Robotic Automation, creating a digital workforce that can manage, consume, and assimilate complex unstructured data into fully automated business processes, decreasing manual effort by up to 85 percent.

With cognitive machine learning capabilities, large volumes of unstructured and unpredictable data from customers, such as enquiries, complaints received by email, fax, paper, social media, and other electronic data streams, is consumed and interpreted, and sound judgments made by robots, who are instructed to respond to customer queries or complaints in an intelligent and highly personalized manner. The cognitive robots continually learn about new situations and content from human input, eventually reducing process time by approximately 95 percent.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with NICE to deliver innovative machine learning capabilities that will help businesses achieve new levels of process efficiencies that were currently out of reach," said Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celeton, in a statement. "The powerful combination of Advanced Process Automation and machine learning will most certainly help companies deliver better customer service faster using precision, speed, and personalization."

"Robotic Process Automation has already made great strides globally by significantly impacting business efficiencies and ROI. We have now entered a new era of cognitive automation, and we are delighted to be at the forefront of innovation as we boldly expand our machine learning capabilities," said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, in a statement. "The integration with Celaton not only addresses many of the more complex and challenging business problems facing our customers today, but also marks a significant contribution to the cognitive automation arena."

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Posted October 12, 2017