NICE Launches Scenario Analyzer

NICE today launched Scenario Analyzer, which enables organizations to conduct precise, in-depth analysis of various business challenges related to the cross-channel customer journey.

Some specific business use cases that can be addressed include digital containment  by analyzing all journeys from Web and/or mobile to a voice call, churn reduction, and analyzing scenarios that ended with unhappy customers.

Part of the NICE Customer Journey Optimization solution, Scenario Analyzer helps companies weed out inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and stress points in the customer journey, apply relevant business intelligence in real time, and leverage a more comprehensive understanding of the customer. It lets analysts zoom in on deflections from one channel to another based on specific use cases and examine underlying factors, such as initial contact reasoning, customer profile, number of transfers, and time spent on each channel.

"Organizations must strive to create a customer experience that is informed, personalized, and effortless. These are the major hallmarks of excellent customer service," said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, in a statement. "Considering customers use, on average, six different channels to interact with service providers, it is vital for organizations to have comprehensive cross-channel customer journey information at their fingertips so they can meet the needs and expectation of customers at every step of the journey. By identifying which leg of the customer journey is intrinsic to achieving a particular business goal and drilling down to understand the origin of the problem, organizations can investigate and improve the customer journey experience and drive business results."