NICE Launches CXone Fall Release

NICE has launched the 2023 CXone Fall Release, expanding artificial intelligence and automation and increasing openness across the CXone platform.

With major enhancements to Enlighten AI Routing and Enlighten AutoSummary, CXone now offers fully automated AutoSummary capabilities that are fully native and support voice and digital interactions with generative AI to automate objective summaries for every customer interaction. CXone AutoSummary combines Enlighten's industry-specific CX AI models with LLMs. Additionally, with this release, organizations can connect consumers with agents based on sentiment and with extreme personalization.

With this release, NICE is delivering expanded cloud storage vendor options. In addition to the AWS storage option, CXone now has a storage option with Microsoft Azure. NICE has also announced CXone applications' unique ability to work with any ACD, on-premises or in the cloud.

NICE's new True to Interval (TTI) enables organizations to consider the unique challenges of digital channels, revolutionizing forecasting and planning. TTI forecasts and schedules, taking into account asynchronous, periodic interactions. The new CXone dashboard improves visibility and ease of use, breaking down complex data into digestible business insights.

"AI is creating a ripple effect driving organizations to create full convergence of CX assets. As organizations adopt AI, they realize that the only way to do it is with an all-encompassing interaction-centric platform. With the new fall release, CXone is now the only platform that can serve as the foundation for any organization's CX AI strategy," Barry Cooper, president of the CX Division at NICE, said in a statement.