NICE Launches CX Intensive

NICE has launched NICE CX Intensive, a set of hands-on tools and strategies to help organizations manage their customer experience programs.

Drawing on thousands of client interactions and analyst insights, this toolkit enables customer experience (CX) professionals to make the most of NICE's technology by providing extensive support and knowledge from the planning phase to a fully operational stage. This, in turn, enables them to make CX an integral part of their brand culture and every day work life, leading to better customer satisfaction, loyalty and business success.

NICE CX Intensive provides the follwoing:

  • A customized roadmap for a successful CX strategy based on a thorough assessment of the organization's CX maturity level. This includes evaluating and understanding business needs, implementation phase, level of customer centricity, and launch needs by conducting personal and organizational assessments.
  • Hands-on, offline, and online workshops, from discussing CX and how it can affect the business all the way to step-by-step implementation guidance, including analyzing each touchpoint throughout a customer journey; ensuring the right survey is implemented; and recommending the best follow up process to align with business objectives.
  • Tool boxes for launching and optimizing customer experience programs, from checklists, project plan maps and templates, strategic planning worksheets, persona quizzes, and cheat sheets all the way to internal communication campaign templates to promote CX within the organization.

"There are many question marks regarding how to strategize, implement, and manage CX programs to achieve the promised impact,"said Miki Migdal, president of NICE Enterprise Group, in a statement. "This new initiative strengthens our customer experience offering and reflects our commitment to ensure that our clients get the most out of our technology. With NICE CX Intensive, we look forward to creating a vibrant community of CX professionals with whom we can continue to build the best possible customer experience."