NICE Adds Shape Analysis to Robotic Process Automation

NICE has launched the Robotic Automation Shape Analysis feature, enabling organizations to automate significantly more business processes by expanding into previously inaccessible virtual desktop environments. In addition, NICE RPA can integrate with any enterprise application.

Based on a universal connectivity approach, NICE Shape Analysis includes an intelligent connectivity layer that enables more seamless integration with enterprise applications and supports multiple process automation deployments.

The new feature provides a universal and visually based connectivity language that shortens development and deployment time. It uses artificial intelligence to enable application-based recognition of screen elements based on shape and text.

The Shape Analysis feature is a part of NICE RPA version 6.7.

"NICE Robotic Automation continues to lead the industry with its universal connectivity approach. The unique Shape Analysis innovation is set to transform the capabilities of surface connectivity within the industry by continually enabling the deployment of more stable and robust process automations," said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, in a statement. "Organizations can now automate more business processes with fewer resources and deliver value to their customers even faster. This is imperative to shaping a positive customer experience and taking a position of strength in today's experience-led economy."

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Posted August 24, 2018