NICE Adds AI-Based Analytics to Performance Manager

NICE has added artificial intelligence-based analytics to its NICE Performance Management (NPM) solution to point supervisors to areas where performance can be improved and facilitate personalized, measurable, and engaging coaching programs.

The AI considers business objectives, factors in the scores and weights of employee metrics, and combines them with the historical impact of previous coaching efforts. Supervisors can then create coaching programs that are adaptive and personalized for each employee. NPM recommends behaviors that need to be corrected and suggests the optimal tasks per employee (such as group coaching, peer coaching, one-on-one coaching, trivia, knowledge management) that have the highest probability to impact behavior and drive improvements. The tasks are made engaging using NICE's gamification mechanisms.

"We are excited to share these first-of-their-kind capabilities which revolutionize the way organizations use and benefit from performance management. By leveraging AI-based analytics, NPM eliminates the leg work supervisors traditionally need to invest in," said Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Enterprise Group, in a statement. "Moreover, organizations can now not only measure the impact of coaching in terms of ROI but also continuously improve it so that business objectives are consistently met, enabling a win-win-win for employees, supervisors, and the organization."

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Posted October 18, 2019