My:Time 3.0 Delivers Persistent Contextual Customer Engagement Across Channels

Contact Solutions, a provider of cloud-based customer engagement solutions improved by business intelligence, has announced the latest generation of its digital customer engagement solution, My:Time 3.0, offering enterprises a new way to proactively engage customers with a persistent, continuous experience across digital channels.

My:Time is a patented digital engagement solution that gives consumers convenience and continuity in high-value moments of need, which are increasingly while they are mobile and engaging with their smartphone.My:Time 3.0 includes a cloud-based engagement platform, SDKs for integrating capabilities into existing native mobile apps and Web site environments, an enhanced agent desktop portal and CRM integration.

With the addition of My:Time Web, mobile Web and desktop Web environments can now be connected to the My:Time customer engagement platform, enabling a consistent experience for customers across digital channels.My:Time 3.0 places consumers in control of their experience with expanded self-service options, and ability to message an organization's representative directly without leaving the enterprises native mobile app or branded Web experience.

Organizations can now create a persistent, cohesive digital customer experience that traverses their website, mobile website, and mobile app---in any order or combination, ensuring meaningful engagement follows customers throughout the lifecycle of interactions they have with the brand. Unlike traditional Web chat, built-in persistence allows customers to carry on conversations with the enterprise across digital channels at their convenience, with context maintained. Customers do not have to complete the interaction at one time, or repeat themselves if they have to restart the conversation later, regardless of whether they've stopped and restarted a customer interaction in minutes, hours, or days, and regardless of the device they prefer to use.   

My:Time 3.0 offers: 

  • Mobile-First Customer Engagement: My:Time allows your customers to get intelligent assistance within a mobile app,  to transition seamlessly from self-service to a live representative without leaving the app, and then to go about their day until notified of resolution.
  • Web Engagement: My:Time can be added to any website so that customers can interact via the web, regardless of where they started the conversation, or whether they are on their computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. My:Time mobile Web gives customers all the benefits of My:Time even if they do not download a native mobile app.
  • Cross-Channel Digital Engagement: My:Time enables persistent conversations to be carried out across digital channels with content maintained, for the customer and the customer representative.
  • Customer Representative Engagement: My:Time's Agent Desktop with App2Agent and Start Stop Resume engagement technology provide better customer and representative experiences and higher productivity – where escalations and wait times considerably reduce.
  • CRM Engagement: My:Time is an essential addition to CRM engagement strategies, complementing other web and mobile self-service capabilities, and enabling proactive notifications and help throughout the customer journey.

"Mobile is the engagement method preferred by today's digital consumer, and enterprises should think mobile-first when they think about building customer relationships," said Maribel Lopez, principal and founder, Lopez Research in a statement. "Going beyond the boundaries and limitations of chat, email and SMS to create a new, cross channel digital customer experience delivers the ultimate convenience to customers, and ultimately loyalty, higher revenue and lower customer churn."

My:Time 3.0 can be added to any Web site or mobile Web site in Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox, and to iOS and Android native mobile apps. Native app and Web SDKs can be integrated in as little as 15 minutes to existing mobile app and Web environments.