Mitel Revamps Contact Center Portfolio, Adds Mobile, Cloud and Multimedia Tools

Business communications provider Mitel has made several enhancements to its MiContact Center portfolio to address the changing requirements for contemporary contact center operations.

The portfolio enhancements are the latest in a string of strategic and focused partnerships, investments and acquisitions that Mitel has made, which aims to expand its position in the growing contact center market and deliver value to partners and customers.

"The MiContact Center portfolio announcements today are further proof of Mitel's commitment to its three-pronged strategy that includes rapid expansion in the contact center," said industry analyst Sheila McGee-Smith, in a statement. "With consumers rapidly shifting to digital channels for interactions, constant enhancements to multichannel capabilities are essential, as are workforce optimization tools to manage how agents performing mobile, social and other Web-based transactions are scheduled and managed."

To meet this need, Mitel has retooled its MiContact Center portfolio and expanded its technology ecosystem to help organizations meet contemporary customer expectations.

Major enhancements include: multi-language advanced multimedia capability with multi-platform email support for any SMTP server including: Exchange, Domino, Gmail,; Improved integrated interaction workflow designer; searchable chat/email history and social media; and enhanced blending for common agent handling of all media types.

The enterprise edition introduces replay capability, a multimedia-based solution that can pinpoint customer service on any media to deliver a superior customer experience, and support for multimedia agent forecasting and multimedia agent scheduling.

An expanded contact center partner ecosystem with the addition of a new reseller agreement with global workforce management (WFM) provider Teleopti, offering a suite of scheduling products.

Enhancements to MiContact Center Outbound increase agent productivity with a full suite of new features including: three-way conferencing for agents; dynamic calling party number presentation;  intelligent time zone scheduling; call recording integration; voice resiliency; and more.

"The contact center market today is dramatically different than it was even two years ago, with a radical shift in terms of where customer conversations are happening and the increasing use of non-traditional platforms like chat and social," said Ron Wellard, chief products and solutions officer, Mitel, in a statement. "These shifts create a fantastic opportunity for contact centers to drive a new level of customer engagement and experience to improve satisfaction, loyalty, and spend while lowering operational costs and complexity."

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Posted November 06, 2017