Mindshare Launches Customer Web Review Tool OpenTell

Mindshare Technologies, a provider in Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, has released Mindshare OpenTell, a product that is integrated with Mindshare’s VoC platform that collects and publishes customer reviews to the Web for companies in any industry. 

OpenTell is the first product launched by Mindshare following its recent acquisition of Empathica. The combined entity brings together Empathica’s social Customer Experience Management technology with Mindshare’s VoC platform and extensive text analytics solutions to offer brands customer feedback solution set on the market.

OpenTell removes the pain points that often accompany open review Web sites where anyone can leave feedback, whether or not they have visited the location. OpenTell provides brands with a range of benefits unavailable in the market before now:

  • Authenticity – Every review on OpenTell originates from actual paying customers. Only customers with a validation code from their receipt are invited to leave feedback. This approach virtually eliminates spam and fraudulent reviews from influencing public perception.
  • Timeliness – OpenTell continuously generates a high volume of reviews (approximately 30-50 responses per month per location) to ensure available reviews reflect recent brand experiences and are continually fresh and relevant. A study conducted by Mindshare found that nearly half of locations (46 percent) on review sites had no new reviews during a 17-month period. Reviews can also be shared through social media channels.
  • Accuracy – Because feedback is always based on a statistically significant sample size, reviews on OpenTell offer a comprehensive and accurate representation of the customer experience at each location. In the same study, Mindshare found that most customers (more than 80 percent) have a positive experience with the brands they frequent.

“OpenTell helps brands improve their online reputations by leveraging their most valuable asset – their satisfied customers,” said John Sperry, CEO, Mindshare, in a statement. “Customers have great experiences with brands every day, but millions of positive reviews are locked inside internal Voice of the Customer programs. Consumers today demand greater transparency and more conversational relationships with brands. OpenTell is the most significant step to date in facilitating this fundamental shift in the nature of customer engagement.”

Using Empathica’s GoRecommend solution, OpenTell mobilizes brand advocates by inviting customers to share their positive experiences on social media. GoRecommend extends the reach of great customer experiences beyond OpenTell by allowing customers to share their review on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp and TripAdvisor.

“With the launch of OpenTell, integrated with GoRecommend, we are excited to see the fruits of joining together with Empathica come to market so quickly,” said Sperry. “Through OpenTell, Mindshare is enabling brands to get credit for their efforts online and get that message out to thousands of current and potential customers.”