MindMeld Launches MindMeld for Commerce Conversational AI Solution

MindMeld, a conversational AI company, today released MindMeld for Commerce to enable conversational bots for retail and e-commerce companies.

Bots using MindMeld for Commerce can be deployed by businesses on consumer messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, Line, KiK, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, and Slack as well as on their own messaging platforms, mobile apps, and Web sites. MindMeld for Commerce delivers conversational experiences; it helps retailers build advanced AI models that understand their specific product catalogs, customer support databases, and brand requirements.

"It is easy for most of us to recount frustrating experiences we have had with virtual assistants or messaging bots," said Tim Tuttle, founder and CEO of MindMeld, in a statement. "Fortunately, recent AI breakthroughs can now solve this problem. Leading retailers and e-commerce companies have already started to leverage these new technologies to create conversational interfaces their users love. Our MindMeld for Commerce solution simplifies the process for all companies to benefit from."

Building a bot appears simple at first glance, but creating one that lives up to user expectations requires some of the most advanced AI technology available today, including the ability to do the following:

  • intent classification;
  • natural language understanding;
  • dialog management; and
  • question answering.

MindMeld for Commerce provides all of these state-of-the-art technologies, empowering large retailers to create conversational experiences. With MindMeld for Commerce, retailers can build conversational interfaces that can do the following:

  • help users find the information or product they want without needing to call customer support;
  • enable messaging-based transactions without requiring users to install a native app;
  • deliver better customer support at lower cost by automating the most common customer interactions.