MightyCall Launches Customer Service Solution for WIX

MightyCall has released MightyCall ConnectHub, one of the first hybrid business management apps for the WIX app market.

ConnectHub is a new free app that integrates fully with WIX to enable Web site owners to easily manage all customer communication aspects of their business directly from their WIX dashboard. Adding the ConnectHub app to a WIX Web site creates a customizable 'contact us page' with features like: ClickToCall  which allows prospective customers to click to call Web site owners for free using their computer’s Web connection; Smart Contact Form, creating callback requests or emails; and downloadable eBusiness Card.

With ConnectHub’s tool in the WIX dashboard, users get access to an activity queue that integrates customer communications across the Web site’s contact page, social media and business phone calls. WIX users can now easily follow up on customer inquiries on Facebook and Twitter; reply to contact requests; create, track and assign tasks to team members and more.

WIX users can also upgrade the application to include a robust virtual phone service that gives business owners access to premium features such as a toll-free or local phone number to look more professional, custom call menus, personalized greetings and call forwarding to any device. The customer can use automated rules to forward calls or messages to a certain device based on employee availability or time-of-day and more.

A free mobile app for iOS and Android phones is also available so users never miss a call, even when they are on the go.

“We’re very excited to be launching the MightyCall ConnectHub app for WIX,” said Stijn Hendrikse, CMO, MightyCall, in a statement. “MightyCall integrates seamlessly with WIX and provides business owners with an effective solution to quickly and easily manage all their incoming customer requests from a single location. This way they provide their audience with the best customer experience possible while making sure they’ll never miss another lead again.”